Facing concerns about unsafe food and the desiring for Vietnamese consumers to access many varieties of clean foods in many countries, Phuong Gia Group has been formed and oriented as a brand of clean food supply chain in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces.

Our core of value is “PHUONG GIA GROUP IS NOT ONLY SUPPLYING CLEAN FOOD, WHICH ALSO SUPPLYING HEALTH”, we put consumers’ health as the center, conquering trust, customer satisfaction is the purpose. .

Phuong Gia Group has opened a world of clean green foods to ensure origin; have full certificate of origin, heath certificate, …; Competitive price; diversified products according to the season; fully meet the requirements of gifts and consumption for customers on special occasions, holidays and New Year. Especially when many exclusive fresh food products are unique at Phuong Gia Group.

Consumers will feel the freshness in each product, enjoy the unique flavor of seasonal food of many famous countries and above all enjoy the most quintessential sent.

Besides that, the founders of Phuong Gia Group are always trying their best with the desire to “buy in person, hand in hand”, select and import food directly from the farming place, creating a supply chain of clean food from A-Z and above all to make clean food truly become a friend of health, fight disease.

In order to promote the core values. Phuong Gia Group implements a 5-star policy to give consumers the benefits when buying goods. Best possible, including:
– One star: Customers check the product before buying.
– Two stars: Delivery on request of customers before 18:00 in the day and ship depending on the region.
– Three stars: Customers have the right to return defective products that are wrong or traceable within 24 hours.
– Four stars: Phuong Gia Group loyal customers are offered vouchers and gifts on special occasions such as preferential birthday, discount.
– Five stars: Loyalty customers can join the 3-5% discount program on the total bill.

In addition to provide imported clean food, Phuong Gia Group also wants to provide consumers with useful information about distinguishing clean food, clean food without pesticides and chemicals; differentiate official food from portable food; how to identify seasonal foods; methods of traceability of food; … so that the market of imported fresh food in Vietnam is increasingly creating trust and bringing the highest quality products to consumers.

With continuous efforts in building and developing a clean food system, Phuong Gia Group hopes that every customer coming to Phuong Gia Group will be the warriors in the fight against the dirty and unknown food, root. Clean food is really a friend of health and Phuong Gia Group is the place to send the nostalgia and love to every Vietnamese family.